Jamaica Sting 2013 Live Stream Free [VIDEO]

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jamaica sting 2013

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Sting may be known for its yearly clashes and hardcore performances, but with headliners such as Super Cat and 2 Chainz, the organisers of the event intend to make their 30-year-old product, a global one.


Speaking with Entertainment following the announcement that dancehall big name Super Cat and rapper 2 Chainz will be the headline acts at the show on December 26, Joe Bogdanovich, one of the organisers, promised that reggae and dancehall will be shown in a positive light.


“This is an international show. My mission is to uplift the music industry, and this year Downsound Records and Supreme Promotions have collaborated to celebrate Sting,” he said, of the event that was first held in 1984 at Cinema 2 in New Kingston.

“Thirty years of the same concert on the same day, every year, rain or shine, feast or famine. Thirty years, that is hard to do. A lot of people say a lot of things about Sting, but it has contributed a lot to the industry.”

Bogdanovich also stressed that the nature of the show is changing, and that the organisers intend to turn it into a tourism product.

“Sting has a reputation of being a bad boy show over the years. As of last year, that kind of thinking is no longer,” Bogdanovich toldEntertainment.

“It’s about top-quality entertainment that represents the real people of Jamaica. It’s about creativity and performances. This year we are targeting a global market. Today’s Sting is about showing Jamaica in a positive light.”

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